Radio Flyer

Synopsis Radio Flyer a drama released in 1992 by Richard Donner focuses on two brothers growing up who have endured a divorce and currently live in California where an alcoholic boyfriend begins to abuse them. Narrated by Tom Hanks, this movie portrays the dark secrets of abuse and how children frequently attempt to deal or […]

Above His Shoulders

Synopsis: Above His Shoulders, an autobiographical account of a young boy growing up in the rural midwest, disclosing his inner emotions of what he endured during five years of sexual abuse at the hands of his cousin. The book gives the audience an understanding of how the trauma of sex abuse plays a major role in […]

What is Bullying ?

What is Bullying  and where does it originate ? Bullying is predominately a behavior of adolescents; however, it can also be seen in the workplace and among family siblings. In reviewing many cross-culturally studies, hypotheses of etiology of bullying and outcome studies we do know that bullying originates with an adolescent who clearly has severe […]

Self Perception of the Life Trauma Victim

Why are the victims’ perceived role in a trauma crucial regarding treatment outcome ? Depending on the trauma, peer support, age of the victim and role of family, which all influence the victims perceived role in the trauma, can change from victim to victim. Why is it that some victims who are the same age, […]

Therapy, road maps and life trauma.

What is your past and present in relation to your future regarding your life trauma? Therapy is often a recognition of where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. A metaphor I like to use is that of  a road map, but also what type of vehicle you drive and how […]

Aggression and the connection to Narcissistic injury

How does being a victim of Narcissistic injury influence aggression ? The “blank slate,” so to speak, of a child growing up becomes influenced by role models, media, educators, extended family members as well as peers. The severity and duration of being emotionally injured by usually a parental role model cannot be mentioned enough. Having […]

How to acclimate back to life after a trauma.

How does a victim acclimate back to life after a trauma? Transitioning back to a normal daily routine after a major trauma is not easy and varies from victim to victim. Many variables come into play depending on severity, age, support, and how effected the individual was. We must be careful not to clump groups […]

Increased attachment with life trauma victims.

Why do victims of abuse become close with the perpetrator? Professional therapists have long been aware that victims of traumatic situations will often become close and even show empathy to the very individual that causes the abuse. We see this frequently in women who have been physically or emotionally battered by men, as well as […]

Assessing the Mentally ill for dangerousness

How do professionals assess degree of dangerousness? Assessing degree of dangerousness is somewhat different then predicting dangerousness which is what we all would like to be able to do. If we could accurately predict dangerousness the national homicide rate as well as suicide rate would drop dramatically.  It is not an exact science; however we […]

Understanding the importance of “you!”

How does “talk therapy” work in empowerment ? With the many different psychotherapy modalities out there, practically all agree on the importance of empowering the patient to see there potential. One can even go a step farther and pursue the dramatic effects that our behavior has on many in life. Not just that day but […]